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Engine Company Fireground Operations, 4th Edition

by Raul Angulo


Publisher:Jones & Bartlett Learning

Publication date:04/09/2020

Edition description:4th ed.


Product dimensions:8.50(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Jones & Bartlett Learning are pleased to bring you the fourth edition of Engine Company Fireground Operations. This expanded edition incorporates the latest recommendations from UL and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) into every aspect of fire attack and ventilation and presents an extensive study of engine company fire ground operations.


The new 4th Edition is an essential resource for firefighters and company officers as well as personnel preparing for promotion or studying for a civil service examination.

Engine Company Fireground Operations helps ensure firefighters are trained, have the proper equipment, and are appropriately staffed and supported during fireground operations.

The updated edition features:

  • Detailed illustrations that show the tactics and approaches described in each chapter

  • Case studies of strategies and tactics that resulted in firefighter line-of-duty deaths, as well as those that were successful and incorporated into the recommended practices of engine company fire attack, rescue, and ventilation

  • Detailed information on size-up that applies risk management principles to the Value-Time-Size method, which considers survivability profiling and threshold limits, identifying problems, selecting strategies and tactics, developing a quick incident action plan, and applying a functional accountability system for safety

  • A significant emphasis on attacking residential and commercial basement fires

  • A one-of-its-kind chapter on fireground operations and responsibilities for company level high-rise firefighting, with special attention paid to fire behavior within high-rise buildings

Make proven fireground methods an integral part of your engine company operations.

Engine Company Fireground Operations, 4th edition, focuses on the fundamental priorities of suppressing fire and protecting life and property. Give your department the most current information by ordering your copy today.

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