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Presentation at NFPA: 
Did the Salomon Brothers High-rise Building (WTC 7) really collapse from fire? New University Forensic Study Concludes Otherwise

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June 19
11 to 11:30am

Expo Hall
Theater #2 

The University of Alaska's structural engineering collapse experts re-examined the unprecedented spontaneous free-fall collapse of WTC7. Their new findings completely contradict NIST's conclusion of collapse by "normal office fires" -which has never occurred in Type-1 fire resistive construction. The impact on public safety and high-rise fire-fighting will be discussed. 

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The study concludes that the evidence clearly indicates that WTC 7 was not brought down by fire, as NIST claims - but by the failure of all of the columns in the building.

We are currently in conversation with VIP's affiliated with the NFPA who have demonstrated that they do care about Building 7 and the future of fire investigations.

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