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Paul Kayley has served in the UK Emergency Services since 1995, first as a Police Officer for 5 years and then as a Firefighter for the last 22 years.   He became professionally aware of the collapse of the Salomon Brothers building in 2015.  He was immediately suspicious of the official explanation of "normal office fires" being a plausible hypothesis for the sudden and complete collapse of the building, and in the hope of finding a more sophisticated and sensible official account, combined with a recognition of the obvious safety implications to himself and other operational firefighters when carrying out rescue operations in high-rise incidents, Paul assiduously investigated further for himself to see if there was a cause which made more physical sense.

In accordance with British professional and legal health and safety requirements, Paul sought to assess the validity of NIST’s hypothetical risk to firefighters and high-rise occupants, and in doing so wrote the 2016 report “Sudden Building Collapse – A New Risk in Operational Firefighting”.

Recognizing the negligible exposure of such a report to firefighters worldwide, he then decided to translate its details into a more engaging film with a greater range of appeal.  The film was named “Calling Out Bravo-7”.  

Paul now assists the PAPA alliance in its objectives.  He states, "If anyone can openly question this incident, Firefighters can.  In fact, it's our professional and public duty to do so, without fear or prejudice.

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